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20th December 2007

8:24pm: I once heard the worst thing a man can do is draw a hungry crowd
 hi everyone. just to let you know i have 3 shows coming up this month for everyone who is going to be in town and would possibly like to come out to see me...

When: Saturday, December 22nd

Where: Dilworth Coffee House
              4937 Charlotte Hwy. Ste. 112
              Lake Wylie, South Carolina 29710 

Who: Lambsbread
          Case Federal

Cost: $3 (optional cost for raffle tickets)
Show starts at 5:30pm


When: Saturday, December 29th

Where: Avalon
              2821 Park Rd 
             Charlotte, North Carolina 28209 

Who: Chandler Martin 
           Days Off Screen 
           Jonas’ Sees In Color
           Case Federal

Cost: $7
Doors open at 6pm
Show starts at 7pm

the third show is a private new years eve party but these 2 are open to everyone and i would love to see some people show up for some fun, games, prizes, and most importantly... good music
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31st August 2007

3:40pm: Not even a drunken scotsman can sleep in the gutter all day...
I'm getting better


                         -----------------but i still don't like long posts

---------------------unless of course they are football posts.

hooray football
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25th April 2007

5:32pm: If you don't like my rhymes, then you can take a hike... And don't forget the trail mix bitch!

So last week i went to raleigh with shadowcase and we saw MC Chris with Piebald and House of Fools at the Brewery. It was such a mixed up show but i loved it, 3 bands that dont sound anything alike, but all bands that i love. We missed the opening band because the line to get in was crazy and we didnt even think we'd make it but luckily we got inside right as the opening band was finishing their last song. So House of fools played 2nd and they had an amazing set, played most of their songs off the new album so it was epic as hell and so much fun. After them Piebald came on. They played a decent amount of old and new songs, which was good because old piebald is the music i listened to in 10 and 11th grade so it was nicely nostalgic. towards the end of their set, their were these guys in front of us that were quite typically wiggers, and they starting hassling piebald saying things like "Play faster" "Get off the stage!" or just yelling "MC Chris!" so the guitar playr starting calling them out asking who it was and they would try and hide like they werent saying it, until finally when piebald was packing up the drummer pointed out the kids that were hassling them and flicks him off and said they were bitches and whatnot so the guys starting cursing back at them and the next thing you know the guys from pieblad jump into the crowd and start making their way towards the wigger guys. unfortunately their fat bitch wigger girlfriends linked their arms together (or should i say tree trunks, rather then arms) so piebald couldnt get through to the guys but they just look at the kids in front of us and go "tell you what, why dont you come backstage with us right now and we can see how big you are then" and the wigger kids pussied out and shut up. i though it was hilarious and wished that piebald, after playing an incredibly "pop-rock/emo" set, would have jumped off stage and beat some ass, but fat bitches always ruin everything... Anyways after that whole mess ended MC Chris came on for his set. i wasnt really sure what i was expecting him to look like... but i definately was expecting a short  stocky white guy in his 40's. He definately delivered the MC Chris experience though and i was amused by his performance, plus he was extremely funny. After the show me a Scase went to zachs and hung out for a while before leaving for charlotte at about 4am...

fun night

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4th April 2007

1:20pm: Oh my sweet disposition... May you one day carry me home

Hello. I guess i dont know how to update anymore but hey here goes...

Right now i am in carlsbad and i missed my train to san diego so now i have to wait until 3 for another train to come so i thought to kill time why not try this out. Everything is fine right now i suppose. Traveling is so much fun and very exciting. Last week i went to New York with Duncan and Christee and stayed in Long Island with Christee's parents. So we took the train into the city to hang out during the day and hung out with her friends in Bethpage at night, where we went out to the bars because we didnt get carded all week, which was awesome. Also me and Duncan almost got in a fight with a marine at a bar because appearantly "If you ain't from bethpage then you don't belong in bethpage!" according to all of the guys in that town. However, after several shot and beers we were more then ready to throwdown, especially with duncan backing me up... bring that shit on. Unfortunately some girls talked him down and so we went to the beach with a blunt and looked for treasure... which im pretty sure we found. We also saw "The Host" While we were there which was such an awesome monster movie, and dysfunctional family tale. So yeah New York was fun and going really anywhere with Duncan and Christee is always awesome.

When we got back from New York i went to Wilmington with Kenni, Sara, Richard, Morgan and my sister. We camped out on Carolina Beach for 2 nights and the second we had a big party with my cousin and his friends and some crazy rednecks from a couple campsites over (DB GETTIN' IT IN THA DUNES!!!) which by the way... Rednecks, fun for a while, but after a couple hours really start to wear on your mental health i believe. It was great getting to go on vacation with Kenni though, especially since the state decided that she couldnt go to California with me. Fucking North Carolina really pisses me off sometimes. But it was her first time going to an east coast beach and to see the way her eyes lit up at the sight of a new place made me forget about our problems for a while a just be happy to be next to her.

So now i am in Carlsbad like i said earlier and i will be here until Friday. I love it so much over here on the west coast. Don't get me wrong, I like being in Charlotte, but 80 degree weather all the time, a public transit system that's actually reliable, and being right next to the beach and mountains at the same time is so inspiring to me. Maybe thing will fall into place this summer and i can spend some time out here with friends for a few months, but who knows.

  Anyways I'll be back in Charlotte Saturday and i am off work til Thursday so i guess i will see everyone when i return to my sweet Carolina

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13th February 2006

10:59pm: by the way i got your letter yesterday, it said theres no need to be sad
so hello everyone again. nothing too much going on with me i guess. crazy stuff going on with my friends though. but hey everything is so much fun. i miss kenni more then anything and can not wait until spring break. god february wont end soon enough


that would be cool if people came out to it.

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21st December 2005




Open up that golden gate...




                                                               California here I come

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27th October 2005

12:54pm: Best Death Cab song ever

What Sarah Said

And it came to me then that every plan is a tiny prayer to father time
As I stared at my shoes in the ICU that reeked of piss and 409
And I rationed my breathes as I said to myself that I'd already taken too much today
As each descending peak of the LCD took you a little farther away from me

Amongst the vending machines and year-old magazines

in a place where we only say goodbye

It stung like a violent wind that out memories depend

on a faulty camera in our minds

But I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose

than to have never lain beside at all

And I looked around at all the eyes on the ground

as the TV entertained itself

'Cause there's no comfort in the waiting room
Just nervous pacers bracing for bad news
And then the nurse comes round and everyone will lift their heads
But I'm thinking of what Sarah said...



Love is watching...............someone die



So who's going to watch you die?...

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7th October 2005

10:01am: with the soun of the ocean crashing, 7:30 friday evening, everything comes crumbling down
Party Time

so the day is finally upon us, october 7th. im am so psyched about tonight that i might go crazy. i had to wake up this morning and be at school by 9 to give my teacher some work and he wasn't even there. what kind of crap is that? but hey at least i dont have to go to english anymore. so the show tonight is from 7:30-9:30pm at kokomo's and its free and i hope to see a lot of people there so please come out and have some fun.

im no good at updating
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30th September 2005

2:10am: Prescribed pills offset the shakes, to offset the pills you know you should take it a day at a time

so hey i guess if you didnt come last friday and you are not going to see copeland then you could come out to see me up at kokomo's. its free and a lot of fun. i promise some awesome songs and song dedications to anyone that wants them!

check me out
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8th September 2005

11:54am: I've been to busy with bad memories you gave me, i don't think i'll get over it
so i am officially moving out of my house next friday. going to be living off old concord road in the Shannon Greens apartment complex. i'm really excited and anxious. so far its me and mitch definately and maybe josh, but if not then maybe dave would like to??? anyways, nothing else to important going on. things with kenni's mom are kinda scary, i dont really want to talk about it, but if i ask you for help please do the best you can to help us out. hopefully i'll make a fuller update now, but i have to get back to class.
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17th August 2005

9:53am: tonight feels right

like i'm floating on air
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